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Active mattress

The Active mattress from the new MojSan mattress line is the ideal solution for finding an adequate sleeping pad. The high-quality seven-season profiled foams in the mattress properly support all parts of your body, providing a peaceful and relaxing sleep.

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Sustainable forest management: FSC wood origin
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The foam profiling enables shoulder and hip adjustment to the mattress, making rest even more comfortable and at the same time improving air circulation through the mattress. 

5 zones of different hardness for the head, shoulders, hips, lumbar region and legs. Properly arranged parts of the mattress provide proper support for the body. In this way, the spine has the shape of a straight line and a correct physiological position, which ensures waking up without pain and stiffness. 

The mattress is double-sided, providing two different degrees of comfort depending on the rotation of the mattress. 

The mattress has a removable and washable cover with Proactiv® treatment. The cover can be washed at 30° C to maintain the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene. The mattress is therefore suitable for the most sensitive people, allergy sufferers and asthmatics.

The mattress is 23 cm high. Intended for people weighing up to 110 kg. 

The cover of this mattress has a beneficial effect on the sleeper's skin through the Proactiv® treatment, which has the basic task of maintaining the skin's moisture balance and its natural softness. The cover of the Active mattress has a zipper and can be washed. Also, the cover is treated with an anti-allergic treatment that permanently prevents the development of mites on the canvas. 

With reduced pressure in the lumbar part of the spine, thanks to the 5-zone profiling of the foam, your body will sink better into the mattress, ensuring restful sleep and body revitalization during the night.

Probiotic organisms, as active ingredients of Proactive® linen, neutralize unwanted and unpleasant odors in the sleeping environment. Anti-bacterial products kill bacteria, but the resistance of these mechanisms continues to grow even more. There was a constant need for a positive, natural, biologically acceptable approach. Proactive is a concept that means "for life", not against it and is not harmful to people, flora and fauna. Bad bacteria and fungi cannot grow or reproduce on Proactive® textiles, thus eliminating bad odors and allergic effects caused by house dust and mites. Clinically tested in Liege, the most medically effective textile in the world is available to you today through the Active mattress.


Proactive® canvas is the latest word in technology to combat the unwanted effects of harmful microorganisms, where in combination with a specially designed core, we got a mattress that represents an environment for a healthy and peaceful sleep. Say goodbye to dust mites with the Active mattress. 


*probiotics are microorganisms that in normal amounts have a beneficial effect on the host's health.


As allergies and diseases directly related to them are one of the big problems today, a revolutionary product was created that will make life easier for all allergy sufferers and people with asthma, and help everyone else to sleep in healthy and hygienic conditions. The way Proactive® works is a permanent 100% natural process. Proactive® leads a real battle against allergens by eliminating negative consequences without suppressing beneficial microorganisms. Probiotic microorganisms absorb moisture in the sleeper's environment and digest all edible substances in the fabric. This process creates an environment that is unattractive to mites, which can cause allergies and reduces their food sources. Probiotic organisms neutralize allergens produced by mites.

Additional values:

High-quality cover with anti-allergic properties, washable at 30°C, made of knitted fabric that meets the requirements of the Oeko-Tex standard

Cover with zipper

5 zone foam profiling 

Double-sided mattress with two levels of comfort

Proactiv® mattress cover treatment



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