About us

Mahok is a solid wood furniture brand devoted to creation of sustainable design in form, durability and comfort. Our furniture is made in the family, for the families and the generations to come. All products are hand finished by artisans, hence the unique beauty to each and every piece. Natural materials, light design, seamless transitions and finely polished - Four characters, but one feeling.


We strongly believe that producing high quality furniture means producing sustainable furniture.

Oak wood is a strong, stabile and renewable material. It is durable and antibacterial moisture regulatior. It is our idea of home and our form of support to nature we all call home. Pollutant free natural oil is being used for coating, as well as formaldehyd free glue as adhesive. All products are with dirt-repellent coating and shipped in plastic free and enviromentally frendly packaging. We use certified wood and thus promoting socially and environmentally compatible forestry.

Connecting memories. Creating future.