About us

For you, MAHOK is an online shop for solid wood furniture. For us, MAHOK stands for solid wood constructions (MAssiv HOlz Konstruktionen, germ.). But not only that. MAHOK stands for everything we gave, in order to make it alive. It stands for our whole heart and soul.

Our heart is wood. To be precise, oak wood. Solid. Strong. Sustainable. Stable. Our furniture needs fixed, verified joints so that it can work continuously (like a real heart). And it is also an eco-heart. Our wood is certified. That means that our wood does not come from overexploitation and it also promotes socially and environmentally compatible forestry. The products made of certified wood assure that no people have been exploited in the course of forest management and that animals and plants have not be endangered during the felling.

And our soul…is our constructions. Our soul breathes for our valued manufacturer Arting Gradnja Ltd Lukavac (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and its more than 20 years of experience in the furniture industry. Together we take a small step in the area of social justice, support and development of the local community and reasonable and fair wages. Twenty employees in Arting Gradnja finish our furniture with their own hands and that is why we want them always to be paid fairly as well as thank them loud and clear for being our partner in this adventure.

We hope that with your satisfaction with our furniture, we can spread even more impulses for different hearts and souls.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel freely to contact us at any given time.

If you want to know more about our story, keep on reading.

For each and every one of us has a story to tell. So, take a seat. It all started with a chair. One single chair. In a new apartment. In a new country. With a new job. And many new ideas about life. For the first time, together with that chair, we were creating a new future for ourselves. (Actually, we were just trying to fit the new chair in the new apartment, but you know, like a child with a candy, to us it was everything.)

We wanted a team player. We wanted something to be as much part of us, as of the apartment. We wanted to come home after work and see character, charm, beauty (even under piles of clothing). We wanted not to be using our furniture as a storage space. Or our life. We wanted to dare to want more and this time, actually, get there.

So, here we are. Here is our MAHOK. Our brand, our furniture, is built upon many ideas, two big and beautiful families and one huge passion. Our furniture is a life partner. It is made to last. We made it because we cared. Because we needed to trust in something greater and more beautiful than us. That is why in wood we trust. For it was part of our lives and our families. And it still is. It is the nature that we strive to, that we (try to) fight for and the nature that we come back to. It is the beauty in itself. It is the core of our products.

Henry David Thoreau said: “I had three chairs in my house: one for solitude, two for friendship, three for society.” So, the big question, the “Friday night lights” question is: how many chairs do you need?