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Topper Memory

If you want to wake up every morning smiling, without back pain, ready for a new day, the Memory mattress pad is the right choice for you! 

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Sustainable forest management: FSC wood origin
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 This mattress topper is made of thermoactive memory foam with an optimal thickness of 4 centimeters, with a cover made of anti-allergic and antibacterial fabric with a zipper, which allows it to be removed and washed.


The memory foam layer molds to the contours of your body, providing support without putting pressure on muscles and bones. Its original purpose is to place it on the existing mattress that you are already using, to improve comfort while sleeping, but it can find its value in various other conditions. It would be ideal if the surface on which you spread it is flat, because in this way all the advantages of thermoactive memory foam, which are manifested by placing the body in the correct position during sleep, come to the fore.


The Memory mattress topper comes with elastics, thanks to which you can attach the mattress topper to the mattress, so that it does not slip off the bed due to movement during sleep. The Memory mattress pad is an addition to your hard and uncomfortable bed, but if necessary, you can roll it up and take it with you and sleep comfortably wherever you are, reflecting its multi-practicality. 


If you have a bed or sofa of non-standard dimensions or you want to have a mobile mattress topper for all occasions, don't worry! You can order the Memory mattress pad in any size that suits you with a record delivery time.

Memory foam mattress topper 

The memory foam inside the Memory mattress cover is 4 cm high. Memory foam keeps your body in the correct position, relieving it of pressure and resulting in improved circulation. When we lie on a memory foam base, the air moves through the adjacent cells as much as it is necessary for the foam to take on the contours of the body and adapt to it in a unique way, at the same time providing the necessary support without unnecessary pressure. Memory foams have become especially popular in the last few years, due to the fact that they adapt to your unique body. Memory provides an amazing sensation without excessive pressure, proven to improve blood circulation during sleep, ensures a sensational feeling of weightlessness, and ensures a peaceful sleep without unnecessary waking up and excessive tossing and turning. The direct and most obvious consequence of excessive pressure is excessive tossing and turning in sleep. We turn around and try to find the best possible body position. Lying on the memory pad there are no return forces because there is no trapped air in the cells that would exert pressure and cause discomfort. A direct consequence of using memory foam is a reduction in tossing and turning by as much as 80%, which results in a relaxing sleep. 

Washable anti-allergic cover with zipper 

The practicality and ease of maintenance of the Memory mattress pad is achieved thanks to the removable and washable cover made of high-quality knitted fabric. The cover is treated with anti-allergic and antibacterial treatment and will retain this property for many years, thus preventing the development of harmful bacteria and mites in the mattress topper itself. At the ends, there are elastic holders made of rubber bands that are adaptable to various thicknesses of the base to which you want to attach the mattress topper so that it does not slip off the same. The mattress cover dries quickly, which is one of the advantages of this product. 

You can use the Memory sa mattress pad in a variety of ways, to improve the comfort of your existing mattress or bed, for additional sleeping capacity in case of visiting guests, but also as a traveling companion for moments of well-deserved rest.

  • High-quality cover with anti-allergic properties, washable at 30°C, made of knitwear that meets the requirements of the Oeko-Tex standard
  • Washable mattress cover with zipper
  • Mattress topper with elastic holders on four sides
  • Memory foam 4 cm high for extra comfort
  • A practical and indispensable addition to every home

The Memory pillow is an extremely practical addition to the Memory mattress pad, it has a classic shape with a memory foam base, too. The outer cover with a zipper is sewn from anti-allergic canvas of the same pattern as the mattress topper and combined with 3D radiating fabric on the other side of the pillow, which enables easier air circulation and ensures healthier sleep hygiene. The inner cover is made of memory foam with a thickness of 2 cm, which is filled with shredded memory foam that you can remove thanks to the zipper on the inner and outer cover of the pillow and thus adjust the height of the pillow to your individual needs. Choosing the right pillow is very important, and thanks to the option of adjusting its height, you actually get a product with which you will more easily find the right support for the head and the neck of the spine. 



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